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History- Mr. Jay C. K.  is an Indian Computer Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur, home town is Falakata, Jalpaiguri, WB, India, who is the founder and CEO of JbigDeaL, on 15th October 2009 he founded the name.

  • On 2009 during his MCA, he was preparing for UGC NET in CS&A exam, its a entrance for  PHD in computer science, first he started to collecting the syllabus, question paper and other related information regarding UGC NET exam. Like us he searched in Google, and he was unable to find syllabus, question paper, but he found a FORUM same like JBDForum,  he saw many students and other people have posted their queries related to exam in that forum. But there were no answers. People just asked on that forum, what they did not find on Internet and no one replied to them. After few days Jay got UGC official website and he got the syllabus and previous paper. At that time, the topics which he saw in that FORUM came into his brain, and he just said to himself, “What’s the Big Deal”? ,”People like me still don’t know that all syllabus and papers are available in  UGC site.
  • At that time he was free for 1 month, so he visits everyday in that FORUM, replied all the member who asked their qestions. Then after few days he got fade up, because he used Nokia Mobile and Reliance GPS  SIM  for Internet connection, with maximum speed of 2kbps.
  • On 15th October 2009 isbigdeal.blogspot.com came to Internet,  Jay made a blog with that slow connection and put all important information and e-mail his blog link to the people who asked questions in that forum.

Current Situation- Now a days isbigdeal.blogspot.com does not exist,  it became www.jbigdeal.com hosted in JbigDeaL Dedicated Server in USA, Today we have many websites which deals with different content.

Direct Services to the customers :

  • Software Development: We develop offline based software on VB.NET, we have many clients in Kolkata and West Bengal. We don’t take any order outside of West Bengal.
  • Web Develop – We used to provide  website for any business solution. also we have consultancy for variety of SEO technique and other issue with your website traffic.
  • Mock Test Software- Also we have developed many software for exam purpose in india. For this you don’t come online for mock test, if your purchase our software you can test your in your computer with out internet connection.
  • Hard Copy Materials- For those who does not have computer nor have Internet connection, we published the content of the  mock test software as a hard copy study materials.


These all materials are discussed in detail in the corresponding website. For eg. if you want buy wbssc tet question bank that has been discussed in www.jbigdeal.com likewise   for IBPS exam you can find in www.ibps-po-clerk.com.

 Who are we?

  • Currently JbigDeaL having 11 members form different domain. Each member description will be discussed here soon.

If  you want to communicate with us, then e-mail to our support team.

Request/Query– support@jbigdeal.com

Problem/Report report@jbigdeal.com

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JbigDeaL Team